Why You Need to Join an Advocacy Group

Why You Need to Join an Advocacy Group

Many Nigerian political organizations have popped up around the world these days. Often, the mission of these organizations is to promote Nigerian interests in the land they are based in.

While such an advocacy group in Los Angeles, California may have a noble goal, why should you actually join one? Here are some of the top reasons why you should join or become a volunteer:

  • You can make your voice be heard.
    When your voice is being heard in the right platforms, it will have a positive impact in the field that you are advocating – be it in economics, education, or even politics.
  • You can help other progressive youth.
    As an advocate, one of your main goals is definitely to provide assistance to your peers who are experiencing difficulties. Your help will be greatly valued.
  • You can establish connections and professional relationships.
    The best thing about joining a group, whether it is an advocacy group or professional organization, is that you can establish connections and professional relationships that will come in handy for you in the future. The value of having a network is immeasurable.

NAPACUSA is a non-profit organization in California that aims to provide a base for progressive Nigerian youth. If you want to join our advocacy, kindly give us a call.

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