Ways to Start Being Politically Involved

Ways to Start Being Politically Involved

Today’s political climate in the US is fraught with heated conversations and is characterized by the greatest divide and instability the nation has seen in recent memory. But this is more reason for you to get involved, especially since you have the opportunity to turn the tides with the upcoming elections.

But how do you actually begin to be politically involved in these times, and how do you ensure you do so responsibly?

As an advocacy group in Los Angeles, California, aimed at providing representation and self-direction in the political arena for Nigerian-Americans, we at NAPACUSA are more than glad to provide you with ways you can begin your journey towards being more politically involved. Here are our suggestions:

  • Get updated
    Deliberately checking the news is a good start, but you must make sure to get yours from a reputable, non-partisan source whenever possible and make fact-checking and researching a habit. You must also know who your local legislators and politicians are and what channels are best used to reach them.
  • Attend town hall meetings or a city council meeting
    Either way can make your voice be heard—yes, literally, as you are meeting your local politician in person and letting them know of your informed views.
  • Join a non-profit organization with a political advocacy
    A non-profit group like our very own non-profit organization in California is one of the most effective ways to have strong representation.

Being a part of a non-profit organization also provides you with the resources to effectively advocate and support your cause.

Ready to make a change? Join us! NAPAC is going to hold its annual meeting or AGM for 2020 on November 7! The NAPAC headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. We also have offices nationwide as part of our NAPAC USA.

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