Changing the World: The Types of Advocacy

Changing the World: The Types of Advocacy

Advocacy involves promoting the interest or causes of an individual or group. Advocacy is normally intended to give marginalized groups a voice to fight against oppression and mistreatment.

Being an advocate has different forms. We at NAPACUSA think it’s important to identify these types so people have a better grasp on this topic.

The first type is self-advocacy. This is an individual’s ability to clearly and effectively communicate their interests, desires, needs, and even rights. This type means speaking up for oneself.

The second is individual advocacy. This is where a person or a group concentrate their efforts on just one or two individuals. There are two subtypes under individual advocacy:

  1. Informal advocacy. This is when people like parents, family, friends, or agencies speak out for vulnerable groups.
  2. Formal advocacy. This type involves organizations like our Advocacy Group in Los Angeles, California to advocate for vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Last is systems advocacy. This is about changing policies, laws, and rules that affect how a group of people can live their life. Our Non-profit Organization in California stands for such advocacies.

We aim to bring awareness to the neglect, oppression, and overall mistreatment Nigerian-Americans experience in their daily life. Help us make the world a better place. Call us at 888-345-1277 to learn more.

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