Can You Say That You’re Socially Responsible?

Can You Say That You're Socially Responsible?

The world is experiencing many problems. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, millions across the globe suffer from hunger, poverty, and inequality. While you cannot get rid of these problems with a snap of a finger, you can still change the world by becoming socially responsible.

As a Nigerian advocacy group in Los Angeles, California, we would like to share some ways you can become more socially aware:

  • Stay Informed
    Be up-to-date on the things affecting your community, your nation, and our planet. This will make you realize what is important.
  • Practice More Sensitivity
    Being sensitive is a key trait of a socially aware person. Worry about others outside your family. Think about what an immigrant family must be going through. How can you help them?
  • Be a Responsible Consumer
    Do you know where the stuff you buy comes from? Learn about how major companies treat their employees and Mother Nature. Stay away from corporations that do not take care of the people working for them.
  • Play an Active Role in Your Community
    Being an active member of your community can also teach you how to become socially responsible. Whether it is joining community meetings or becoming an advocate for your fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters, it is important to get involved.

If you are passionate about helping the Nigerian-American community, we encourage you to join NAPACUSA. We are a non-profit organization in California with offices nationwide.

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