Be the Change: Leading an Advocate Life

Be the Change: Leading an Advocate Life

In making the world a better place, individual empowerment is the key. It means never be afraid to stand up and speak out for the truth because speaking one’s mind and acting on it is never wrong. To become an advocate, one must develop awareness about the issues that affect the people and society. Developing awareness leads to understanding for action to do what is right.

Advocacy comes in different forms, and one of them is self-advocacy, where people possess the ability to communicate their desires, interests, and rights effectively. These individuals have the power to raise their voices whenever necessary. Conversely, the subtype of individual advocacy is formal advocacy where it involves organizations that advocate for the vulnerable, oppressed and marginalized groups.

NAPACUSA is a non-profit organization in California that follows systems advocacy. This organization supports and urges the change of policies, laws, and rules used to afflict certain groups’ way of living.

Being an advocacy group in Los Angeles, California, we offer different programs, among them are the following:

  • SNAP or the Speak Now Africa Program
  • EDP or the Education Development Program
  • SRP or the Social Responsibility Program

We offer other programs that are beneficial to our community. If you are interested to know more about our programs, don’t hesitate to tap for our help. Be one of us now!

Although NAPAC has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, NAPAC USA has offices nationwide in the USA. Hence, if you would like to visit us or make some donations, check out where our offices are located here on our website.

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