Mayo Makinde
Mayo Makinde
Ohio State Representative District 25

Mayo Makinde is a community advocate born in Columbus, Ohio. He attended Marysville High School, however, he later transferred back to the Columbus Public School system where he attended Eastmoor High School and graduated in 1998.  

Through the Democratic Party, Mayo was hands-on with Democratic campaigns flowing through Franklin County. During February of 2005, he began volunteering for the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. It was at this juncture that he gained insight into how grassroots organizing can lead to a bill becoming law. In 2006, he coordinated the Franklin county region of the Barbara Sykes for State Auditor campaign holding multiple roles including fundraising and outreach. At this time, he also assisted the Ohio Democratic Party with African American outreach and the GOTV campaign for the gubernatorial election. During this time, he along with a few Ohio Statehouse aides under the tutelage of the county party chairman founded the Ohio Young Black Democrats, an organization that seeks to promote and engage young African American leaders across the state. He was also active in the local and state NAACP at this moment of his young life.  

In 2008, Mayo ran for State Representative in Ohio’s then 27th district. Although he didn’t win the election, he continued to serve his community and was elected to be president of the East Columbus Civic Association. It was there that he partnered with faith-based organizations to fight for change and equality in the Columbus community.  

His claim to fame in Columbus was his work bringing the public and private sectors together to find a resolution for underserved communities when the city of Columbus closed 12 recreation centers in 2009 due to a budget crisis. Committed to using the inner city facilities, he frequented Krumm Recreation Center along with other city amenities. Mayo was able to lead community members and faith-based leaders to city hall to advocate for the reopening of those centers. He played a crucial role in getting the Columbus Blue Jackets to donate funds towards this cause.  

In 2016 Mayo took another run for the Statehouse seeking to represent the 25th district, formerly known as the 27th due to redistricting. Finding viewpoints aligned with the US senator from Vermont, Mayo became a local surrogate for the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders for America. He later went on to join the Ohio delegation (representing from the 3rd congressional district) for the Sanders campaign at the DNC convention in Philadelphia.  

Mayo Makinde on the Issues

Criminal Justice Reform

Remove systemic barriers that impede minority police recruiting to help cities diversify their law enforcement agencies.
Stop the militarization of peace officers by distinguishing between police & war gears.

Combating Income Inequality

  • Enact a living wage as minimum wage. We need to bring dignity back to entry-level work life.
  • Fight to fairly regulate wage disparities in the public sector.
  • Fight for the growth of new, small, and minority businesses.
  • Support legislation that breaks up the Big Banks – reinstatement of Glass-Steagall (Prudent Banking Act)
  • Expand green initiatives as an industry with exponential growth for labor.
  • Expand re-entry programs that enhance employment and holistic family building
  • Equal Pay for Women

Medicare for All

Enact Single-Payer Healthcare Plan

Campaign Finance Reform

We believe our state should be at the front of the fight to keep this government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We need to give the power back to the people and not to the richest one percent.   

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