Gabe Okoye
Gabe Okoye
Georgia State Senate District 9

Gabe Okoye is a candidate for the Georgia State Senate in District 9. An immigrant from Nigeria, Gabe came to this country in 1981, but have lived in Gwinnett County since 1992. He currently resides in the city of Lawrenceville as a licensed civil engineer; where he has his own engineering company.

One of his main goals is to restore a true representative form of government to our district because he feels that many politicians promise things just to get voted into office, but once in office, they represent their personal interests and deliver little or nothing to the voters. In Gabe’s opinion, it should be the other way round. The voters, who are really the bosses, should tell their representatives what issues are important to them. The representatives should in turn fight for those issues and report back to their respective districts.

Gabe is married and is a proud father of four grown and successful children.

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