Accessibility to Our Organization Through Modern Media


Change is inevitable. We have to embrace it to step up and cope up with the trend.

The dissemination of the causes and projects of NAPACUSA is now easier thanks to modern technology. Through social media, we can spread awareness and look for potential volunteers and donors online.

These media are very convenient to a Non-profit Organization in California like us, as we want to keep up with the new norms. We aim to create impact, educate, and bring about change with the latest methodologies where everyone can relate. Our Advocacy is to develop programs that are accessible to our fellow Nigerian-Americans and possibly open more opportunities for all in all fields.

If a person wants to join a program and contribute to his community, he can find us online. When someone wants to become a sponsor, we are reachable through our website and our Facebook account. Anyone can also visit our Advocacy Group in Los Angeles, California, or our offices nationwide.

How do you see our humanity in the next five years? Do you anticipate a society that has unity and the will to coexist physically and virtually? Then, be part of the change!

Anyone can be a volunteer. If you have the drive and the passion, join us and be an Advocate!

Stay tuned for more NAPAC Events.

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